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We are delighted to announce that, as of Monday October 26, 2015, Imajine That ( will acquire COMPASS for kids Professional Development Programs for Early Childhood and School Age Educators, continuing and growing our more than two decades of excellence in making sure that young children are in learning and care environments that support their best possible growth and development.

Nancy Toso, COMPASS for kids' Director of Training and Program Development since 2007, will join the Imajine That team of committed child and family champions, continuing her stewardship of professional development that matters - working across Massachusetts and beyond. Both our Open Registration Series and Contracted Onsite training will continue. 

Since 1994 COMPASS for kids has extended our presence in the early childhood and school age fields in Massachusetts, providing skill building education, training and coaching to thousands of educators across the Commonwealth. This past year we provided more than 1100 hours of professional development programs - serving close to 600 programs.

We are also delighted to announce that as of Monday October 26, 2015, Lawrence Community Works will acquire our COMPASS Community Collaborative Lawrence program - which grew out of our COMPASS for homeless families efforts. The COMPASS Community Collaborative has been recognized across sectors as one of the top workforce development and job placement efforts for parents in poverty in Massachusetts and beyond. Leslie Kent, longstanding Program Director for COMPASS for homeless families and the COMPASS Community Collaborative programs will join the Lawrence CommunityWorks team.

Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW) is a nonprofit community development corporationthat weaves together community planning, organizing, and asset-building efforts with high-quality affordable housing and commercial development to create vibrant neighborhoods and empowered residents.  LCW has a long history of investing deeply in the talents and aspirations of City residents, and has been implementing highly successful asset-building programs for adults and youth for over 15 years. Recently, LCW has been increasing its workforce development capacity and practicing a model of "integrated services" that links financial coaching, asset building, and peer support with employment coaching and placement.  

"We are thrilled to bring COMPASS for kids Professional Development training into our Imajine That family, and to grow the Leadership Training and Development that we have done for 10 years" said Susan Leger Ferraro, Imajine That's founder, CEO and President. "Imajine That and COMPASS for kids have longstanding, well aligned training relationships. This acquisition will further advance our mission of inspiring humans through playful imaginative exploration for those young and evolved, by bringing them closer to their true nature of love, one family, one community, and one planet."

Jess Andors, Executive Director of LCW describes this acquisition as follows: "Having partnered with COMPASS for several years, LCW has always found COMPASS to be kindred in their innovative spirit and asset- and cohort-based approach.  We have also admired their commitment to low-income families, expertise in "soft skills" development, and strength in cultivating deep and sustained employer partnerships.  We are thrilled at the prospect of adopting and absorbing these capacities and building on the amazing work and outcomes that COMPASS has achieved in Lawrence, in order to forge even stronger mutually beneficial connections between our local workforce and regional employers."